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How can I make my computer understand Japanese?

I just moved to Japan and my computer always shows question marks where Japanese writing should be. Is there a plug in or something I can get from somewhere so my computer can show the Japanese writing?

    Posted 3 days ago

    On Windows XP

    1. Click Start > Control Panel
    2. Double-click “Regional and Language Options”
    3. Click on “Languages” tab
    4. Check the box that says “Install files for East Asian Languages.”
    5. Click “Apply.”

    For making your browser read nihongo, and for more information: http://www.kanzaki.com/jinfo/japanese.html

      Posted 3 days ago

      If you go to control panel select region & language, language tab, put a click install files East Asian language.

        Veronica M
        Posted 3 days ago

        Don’t forget to set it as the default language, you will still be able to see english fine but certain character sets won’t display even if you install east asian language support without setting it as default.

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