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how do i back all the drivers on my new HP laptop?

recently purchased a new HP laptop. how do i back up all the drivers?

    Posted 2 weeks ago

    yep here is your free download link


      Posted 2 weeks ago

      Just back up your computer. Get an external hard drive and back up regularly.

      It would be too difficult to back up only the drivers, since they get put in different, often hidden, places on your hard drive. You *could* keep the original drivers on CD, but there are always online updates, and those are pretty much impossible to find on your hard drive.

      Just keep your computer backed up and you’ll have the added benefit of having a backup copy of your data too.

        ? Fuzzy Dice
        Posted 2 weeks ago

        you can download the drivers for your specific model laptop from http://www.hp.com and burn it to CD.

        I did it and it worked.

          Posted 2 weeks ago

          Type in hp help.com

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