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how do i get a 98 hp scanner 3300c to work on my xp?

I have the software cd, but it will not load up.
I have been on the hp driver site down loaded the driver but can not find the down load on my computer

    NEIL H
    Posted 2 weeks ago

    Download it again. Save it to somewhere you can remember, i.e: Desktop. Install it from there.

      Posted 2 weeks ago

      I agree, download it again, tell it where to download to, “Desktop” makes it easy, and reinstall. This should fix your problem.

        Posted 2 weeks ago

        Download and install the XP drivers here


          Posted 2 weeks ago

          If you can’t find drivers for xp you’ll find windows 2000 drivers work with xp 99% of the time so do a search for win2000 drivers for you scanner

            Posted 2 weeks ago

            try unplugging your hp printer then install software is it usb or parallel port i might be able to help you i had same sort of problem with my xp

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