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How do I persuade Vista to access the internet using the other of 2 network adapters?

I’m probably being stupid.

I have a laptop with a damaged network socket so I purchased a USB network adapter, which with drivers installed appears to be working properly in device manager and appears as a network connection.

I would like to use this device to access my cable internet but windows only wants to know about the old network device.

    Posted 1 week ago

    You have to ask it nicely…

    Only joking.
    1. Click Start
    2. Type into the search bar: “Network and Sharing Center”
    3. Click on “Change Adapter Settings” – found on the left side of the screen
    4. Disable the ones which you do not want to function by clicking them and selecting “Disable”
    5. Make sure that the one that you want to use is enabled.
    6. Done :D

      Posted 1 week ago

      Cable operators set up cable modems using the MAC ID of the computer as a security check. With your network socket damaged, that MAC ID is toast. Call your ISPs tech support and ask them for assistance. They will walk you through “re-provisioning” the modem so that it will accept the new MAC ID.
      Not to worry – it’s a free service

      Have a good one

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