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hp wireless not working its nothing to do with the wireless adapter?

i have a hp laptop and my internet says unidentifyed network i have been on a programme called intelpro set wireless tool and when i do a test for it, it says that my driver version does not support intel pro set wireless …….. so i updated it and still nothing happened then i downgraded it and nothing happened. can someone hellppp plewaseeee !??/

    Josh Cole
    Posted 1 week ago

    Well I believe we would need a bit more information than this please :) . But going on what you have said, it could be several reasons.

    One could be that your wireless router is quite simply faulty. Have you tried hardwiring your laptop into the router (with an ethernet cable)? If you are still unable to access the internet while hardwired into the router then the router could be broken.

    But if the internet does work while hardwired there is the possibility that it is just not broadcasting the internet over wireless correctly. This could be for several reasons, one could be that the router is broken, or it could be that the channel the router is set to is the same as another router nearby. This can sometimes cause interference and wont allow internet access. To change this you will need to access the settings of the router and change it manually. I’d suggest changing to 10 or 11.

    To find out how to do this I would recommend googling it, as i do not know the brand of your router i cant help you navigate the settings. Usually to access the settings however you can load a browser window and enter the IP address of your router into the URL bar of the browser.

    In relation to this software that you are using i’m unfamiliar with it, all i can suggest is that you stop using it and check whether your internet works using the standard windows wireless network wizard.

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