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Is there anywhere you can get a HP Firebird in the UK?

I’m not talking about an import American model, I mean have HP actually bothered releasing the computer over here at all?

    Posted 1 week ago

    I’m looking but nothing has been announced for the European market

    However i’m pretty sure you can build a superior gaming rig with separate components for a lower price

    It has water cooling, but i have serious doubts on the power and expandability of the system

      Posted 1 week ago

      you can build a computer far superior to that.do the following.
      http://www.maplin.co.uk( case -icute turbo) (psu X power 650 watt)
      http://www.amazon.co.uk( motherboard- GA-X48-DQ6)
      http://www.advancetec.co.uk(cpu.Q9650-3.0ghz.)(lite-on dvd burner)(either wd150gbt RAPTOR,10,000rpm-or seagate 300gbt BARACUDA,7,200rpm)i’d go for the raptor.
      http://www.crucial.com(4gbts balistic’s tracer ram)
      http://www.advancetec.co.uk(graphics card- sparkle 9800GX2)
      http://www.maplin.co.uk(cpu cooler-akasa cool blue/3heatpipe intel cooler)
      you don’t need water cooling as the processor does not get hot, i know, i’m running one right now at 29-32deg.
      what i have listed above will be a lot cheaper and have a lot more k/a, power, i could pull the hp to pieces bit by bit but i would rather use this space constructively to give you an idea of what to look for in a gamer. which is what the firebird is suposed to be.

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